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What to Consider Before Hiring a Garage Door Company

Installing a garage door is not as simple as it looks. That’s why hiring a pro – and choosing the right one – is always the better idea. But how do you choose a garage door installer when there are so many out there?

Business Reputation

You can begin learning about a garage door company’s reputation by checking out online reviews written by people who have actually hired them before. Fortunately, there are lots of places to do this, such as Yelp, The Yellow Pages, and so on. Here’s the idea: for objective reviews, keep to these trusted sites and don’t bother with the others, especially marketing websites where reviews are biased and unreliable.

Local Address

A physical office where you can personally visit a garage door installer is always a plus. It offers a sense of their business practices and how they handle customers directly. Definitely, it will help you gauge how they might treat you later on once they’ve got you as a customer.

Business Accreditation

Reputable garage door companies are usually members of trade organizations and the Better Business Bureau. If this isn’t true for the one you’re eyeing, maybe you should consider reviewing other options.


Another vital issue in looking for a garage door company is the length of time it’s been in business. You will find many new garage door services, which can also be good and even more competitive with pricing. But of course, hiring a veteran always has its advantage. In any case, don’t be afraid to ask for quotes from different companies so you can compare them.

Free Quote

Talking about quotes, keep in mind that these should be 100% free all the time. Regardless of what you want them to do, repair or new installation, you should never pay them to tell you the cost of that job. Upon receiving the estimate, make sure it’s clear as well as complete. If there are things you’re not sure of, ask them to explain them to you.

Maintenance and Emergency Services

Routine maintenance is key to keeping your garage door in good shape and function, but there are times when you need more. Fact is, garage doors can act weird at the weirdest times, so you’ll want your installer to be available for a rescue, in or out of business hours.

Insurance and Guarantee

Lastly, all reputable garage door services have liability insurance and are willing to provide proof when asked. They are also known to offer manufacturer as well as workmanship warranties.

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